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The Secret Gamebasics Masterplan

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As you are probably aware of, it is the mission of Gamebasics to enable football fans worldwide to be the manager of their favourite football club. This mission has been formalized in 2010. But before then it was already rooted in the way Online Soccer Manager (OSM) was initially envisioned. But not all choices that Gamebasics makes to reach this goal will be immediately understood. To shed some light on this, I present you the secret Gamebasics Masterplan. Read More

Worldwide launch of Online Soccer Manager

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Gamebasics, the Dutch game studio that’s responsible for Online Soccer Manager (OSM), is launching the newest version of its game on Wednesday, 11 May 2016. OSM is available all over the globe and will be released for iOS, Android, Web and Facebook. Most striking is the presence of official club logos and player photos from the Serie A and other big leagues.

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1000 unit tests

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The term Test Driven Development was introduced at Gamebasics about a year ago. To be honest, I was sceptic about its value. It’s great, in theory. But maybe it’s to time robbing in reality? Couldn’t our precious time be spent more useful than writing unit tests? After a year working with TDD, I noticed the answer is definitely no. Time spent on DTT is time being spent usefully. Before TDD, every new website built was a leap into darkness. We faced several bugs every single time. For every bug we fixed, two new ones seemed to return. It was time for something new.

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