Dutch class in Madrid

14 March 2019

Teaming up with the biggest club of the world Real Madrid was a big milestone for us. We combined our marketing efforts to bring OSM under the attention of millions of Madrid fans. A fruitful collaboration so far, we’ve managed to raise our DAU in Spain and gave a royal touch to our user acquisition and social media.

We’re proud of our Spanish connection but we’re a Dutch company. Imagine the atmosphere at the office last Wednesday after Ajax’ sensational win against Real Madrid, knocking out the reigning champions. Non-Ajax fans had jumped up from their seats, grown men had fallen to the ground in their living room. There was a glorious OSM Instagram post to finish off the celebrations. Some colleagues appeared at the coffee machine in their Ajax jersey the next day. For a second, nobody thought about Real Madrid.

Until reality kicked back in. More than sixty thousand managers are currently managing Real Madrid in OSM. Luka Modric is still the best rated midfielder in OSM. We’re big fans of the club ourselves. And we realised: we’re very happy to have Real Madrid as our partner. It just didn’t hurt to throw a little Dutch glory in the mix.

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