Gamebasics and OSM in the media

20 February 2014

Online Soccer Manager’s huge success didn’t go unnoticed!

The past weeks the Dutch media spent a lot of time on OSM and Gamebasics. Algemeen Dagblad published an interview with founders Jeroen Derwort and Frank Tijhuis in their sports section. One week later they were guests in BNR Newsradio’s studio, where they spoke about the game’s concept and future plans for gamebasics. Football blog Buitenkant Voet also posted an interview.

Frank Tijhuis is happy with all the media attentio: “Being noticed means we’re doing a good job”, he expains. “Gamebasics is entering a new fase now. The relocation to our new office is part of that.”

Jeroen Derwort shares his enthousiasm. “This contributes to our mission to mission to give all football lovers worldwide the chance to be manager of their favourite football club.”

OSM’s media exposure is a great trigger for everyone at Gamebasics to keep making the game even better and more fun!

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