Our football management game

OSM is the absolute foundation of Miniclip NL. Millions of players are managing their favourite club on a daily basis. It’s one of the few mobile games that has been successful for such a long period of time and is built on a unique combination of social and accessible gaming.



Luckily, our players not only play our game but also provide us with an endless list of feedback on how they are playing OSM and what features they would like to add. This information is key for us to keep improving the game.

As SIANKING 08 is telling us in the reviews: “It’s great but if it’s possible, please add a youth academy to the game.”


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Playing with Friends

We believe one of the most important features of the game is the social aspect of the game. There is no single player. OSM is a fun game because you play it with others. Could be with a total stranger from the other side of the world, could be with your dearest friends and family.

As player Henk Pit shares with us in the reviews: “Awesome game to play with my friends!”

The return of the Fantasy League and introduction of VIP Leagues.

New players that are In Form of Legends based on real life football.

New leagues
New players

OSM launches the most frequently asked feature of their players: Tournaments.


The Crews feature adds another layer to the social aspect of the game.


Massive update with new design, new game features and introduction of the Bosscoin!


Great start of the year with the launch of the OSM iPad app.

5 million monthly active users in June!

5 Million MAU

A few months after the iOS app, we launched the Android app.

We proudly present the first version of the OSM iPhone app in February.


What a milestone, 1 million monthly active users on OSM!

Launching the OSM Facebook app.

1 Million MAU

Gamebasics was founded to expand OSM’s success abroad.


Founder Jeroen Derwort came up with the foundation of OSM on his attic room in September 2001.


Be the best football manager

The best about OSM is to experience it yourself. Make sure you got 5 spare minutes each day because once you’re in it, there’s no way back. You pick your favourite football club and from that moment on you get to decide everything. Who knows, you might be the best football manager among your friends, colleagues or maybe even the world!