Gamebasics teams up with ADO Den Haag’s business club

31 July 2014

From next season on, 2014/2015, Gamebasics is officially aligned to ADO Den Haag. Gamebasics’ staff and partners will man the stadium and business club every home game.

The Kyocera Stadium, where ADO Den Haag plays its home games, is only yards away from Gamebasics’ office in Zoetermeer. This way, as a genuine football company, Gamebasics is connected to the premier professional football club in the region. Gamebasics’ managers Jeroen Derwort and Frank Tijhuis were handed the ADO shirt by former ADO-player Rick Hoogendorp.

The all time goal scorer for RKC Waalwijk was impressed by Gamebasics’ football stadium office. He proved to be a OSM player himself in the past. He led his own club ADO Den Haag to a proper 12th place. Hoogendorp, in his time as an active player, admitted he always managed Manchester United in order to buy his own character in the game. “In the game I was the worst player on the pitch, but I didn’t care.”

After a while he stopped managing. Hoogendorp: “My phone was loaded with games. It was getting out of hand. One day I just removed all the games from my phone.” Obviously he downloaded the OSM app again after today.

“Everybody at Gamebasics has a different favourite team”, says Derwort. “But ADO Den Haag, being the biggest club in the region, just has that special status around here. We hope we can witness an outstanding performance this season.”

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