Gamebasics x 442oons

08 June 2018

Gamebasics and Youtube channel 442oons launched a unique collaboration on June 7. For the first time, OSM opened up it’s holy grail of leagues to an external party. We decided to let our managers enjoy the combined benefits of a funny Youtube channel and an established online football management game. This became a partnership with one of the biggest football related Youtube channels in the United Kingdom. 

In our game OSM, managers can coach in almost 100 different leagues. It’s one of the biggest assets to OSM. We’ve added nostalgia leagues (with 1999’s Manchester United), a Pokemon league, Christmas leagues and obscure leagues like the Ukrainian 2nd division. Why not a league that was set up by Youtubers that were playing OSM and at the same time were managing a channel that excels in mocking everything that’s going on in the English Premier League? The fit seemed perfect.

That was where the idea was born: a fully customized league in OSM that would make players that are familiar with 442oons feel right at home. A poll on 442oons’ channel proved that 70% of its subscribers would be in to an online football management game. Obviously, we were excited. It was easier said than done though. We never did this before and it seemed like no other game had as well.

What followed were a lot of calls, emails and tickets. Eventually, we made it work. That’s how we could set a new league live for our managers: the 442oons Super League. We hope that they can dig the humor and enjoy the brand new drawn players and managers. 

If our managers will keep playing in this league, it would open doors to more funny, extreme, alternative and beautiful leagues. Who knows what’s next! Me personally? I would like to see the Gamebasics meets Lionel Messi league.

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