Gamebasics x Cruyff Foundation

06 January 2020

From this day forward, Gamebasics Studio is working together with the Johan Cruyff Foundation. A powerful collaboration between the greatest Dutch football player and the greatest Dutch online football management game. Another way for Gamebasics Studio to give back to society.

Gamebasics’ success is based on our players having fun. Doing something in return is a no brainer for us. We do that through local collaborations with football clubs and the city. But now, we also do that on a larger scale with the Cruyff Foundation.

The first quote you see when you open the Cruyff Foundation website is one of Johan himself: ‘If you can do something for someone else, do it.’ That’s exactly what we’re doing with this collaboration.

But the similarities go beyond this. The Cruyff Foundation has worldwide impact, just like our game OSM. The Cruyff Foundation enables kids to have fun through football, just like OSM. Together, we’re going to make sure even more kids have fun with football!

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