Strategy day 2019

01 February 2019

Our base was the National Historical Museum in Soest. We had a clear objective: share a common view of the strategic goals and look back at 2018. Without history, no future. This became very clear during our visit of the museum, crowded with weaponry from historical war zones.

In our Strategy day 2018 blog, we wrote we were going to make better decisions if we succeeded in better understanding our users. This proved to be a prophetic statement. Two great features derived from this: Crews & Squad numbers. Crews was an old wish among our experienced users and at the same time a big challenge for us on an organizational and product level. Squad numbers was a pilot to work in multidisciplinary teams and delivering a feature that added authenticity to OSM.

Spoiler for 2019: we’re going to work on the feature that is most wanted by our users.

We also wrote we were going to address some structural matters within the organisation. We started working in a different way, grew the organisation up to 50 employees and we started showing our faces outside of the organisation more. We visited the largest game conference in the world, saw the Allianz Arena and closed deals with a huge YouTuber, the Jupiler Pro League and Bayern Munich.

Because of the work we did in 2018, we can happily continue our plans: follow our strategy and have focus on bolstering OSM. What a luxury position. We’re going to take on 2019 head on, trying to get even closer to our users, working together even better and improving OSM even more. Very excited!

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