⚽️About OSM

What is OSM?

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) is an online football management game where you can be the manager of your favourite football club and play with and against your friends. It’s easy to play, realistic and not very time consuming.

What happens after a season?

OSM is a one-season game. After a season with a team ends, you will have to choose a new team. This style of managing is very competitive and we believe this makes for the best manager. There is one exception though: manage in a top league and try to qualify for the Winners Cup!

Where can I play OSM?

You can play OSM anywhere in the world. OSM has two regions that you can play in: World & The Netherlands. Most of our managers play in the World region. If you can’t find a friend, he or she is probably playing in the other region.

How do the Rankings work?

Leaderboards in OSM are based on the number of medals managers earn. These medals are earned by playing matches. The better the performance, the more medals. Medals are accumulated for all your manager slots.

How do I buy players?

There are three options to buy players in OSM. The Scout, the Transfer List and Negotiations. Use your Scout if your are looking for specific players from abroad. Use the Transfer List if you’re looking for players in general, domestic and abroad.

Is my Scout failing me?

Your Scout will bring you a maximum of three players, based on the criteria you set. If there are no players available, he will look for players close to the criteria. Talented and quality players are rare, expect heavy competition from other managers.

Can I change the simulation time of my matches?

Unfortunately not. Your leagues are simulated based on their respective server. The timer that’s shown counts down to the start of the simulation on your server. You will probably change servers by starting new leagues. Manually changing servers or simulation times isn’t possible at this moment.

What are the best Tactics?

There is no right answer to this question. As in real football, the right Tactics depend on your own team and that of your opponent. If you look on our social platforms, you can find all sorts of discussions regarding the best Tactics in OSM. Tip from us: test out as many Tactics as you can during matches and Friendlies and see for yourself.

Can I follow OSM and chat with other managers?

Yes, you can!

  • Win special manager contests, read OSM news and join fun quizzes on our Instagram!
  • Find manager tips, real football stats and OSM content on our Facebook!
  • Engage with questions from our administrator and follow us on Twitter!
  • Chat with other managers about everything you want on our Facebook Community!
  • Talk with other gamers about OSM on every possible level and join our Discord!
  • For the real hard core managers, be sure to visit our Forum!
  • Go deep with other managers and check out our Reddit!

💻My account

How do I create an account?

You can create your OSM account by downloading our app on Android or iOS and follow the instructions. If you want to play on your desktop, please visit https://onlinesoccermanager.com.

How do I secure my account?

Please secure your account so you’ll never lose access. You can easily connect your email address (don’t forget to confirm through your own email client) so you can request a password anytime. Go to your Profile and tap your avatar. You can also connect to social media to regain access later if needed.

How do I recover access to my account?

If you secured your access through social media or email address, you can request a new password on the login screen. If you didn’t, our Support Team might be able to help. Please send them an email on en.support@onlinesoccermanager.com.

Can I change my manager name?

Unfortunately, no. This is due to technical limitations. So choose wisely!

Can I have more than one account?

The use of multiple accounts isn’t allowed, per rule 3 in our Terms.

Can I take over someone else’s account?

It’s not allowed to take over an account per rule 4 in our Terms.

Can I play on the same account across multiple platforms?

Yes, this is possible (Android, iOS & website). Just make sure you secure your account by connecting it so you’ll be able to login on a different platform.

Can I regain access to a locked account?

We don’t lock accounts lightly, of course. But even our Support Team isn’t infallible. If you think your account was wrongly locked, please appeal through the app or website. Our Support Team will have another look at the legitimacy of the lock and let you know the verdict.

💰Payment & Boss Coin issues

Why didn’t I get my Boss Coins after paying?

Firstly, sorry to hear this happened. Unfortunately, it can take some time before the payment is officially approved and the Boss Coins are technically transferred to your account. If you didn’t receive your Boss Coins after 24 hours, please contact our Support Team at en.support@onlinesoccermanager.com.

What should I do when I bought Boss Coins accidentally?

Everybody makes mistakes, we’re happy to help. Please contact our Support Team at en.support@onlinesoccermanager.com. Don’t use your Boss Coins in order to get a refund.

I used Boss Coins in-game but it didn’t work?

If you spent Boss Coins for something in-game and it didn’t work, please contact our Support Team en.support@onlinesoccermanager.com. Add a detailed description of the steps that you took prior to the event.

I accepted a business offer in-game but it didn’t work?

The Business Club offers are the responsibility of our partners. It can take quite some time before the offer is validated and the Boss Coins are technically transferred. If you didn’t receive your Boss Coins after a week, please contact the support team of our respective partner. This can be found when tapping on the respective offer.

Please don’t contact the developers of the game that you played during the offer.

👨‍⚖️Fair play

What’s considered cheating in OSM?

A manager is cheating when his or her actions violate our Terms. Please read them carefully so you don’t report innocent managers.

How do I report a manager I think is cheating?

First, you have to be in the same league or tournament to report another manager in-game. Navigate to the manager list and tap the respective manager. Scroll down on the compare page to end up at the report cheater button. In order for our Support Team to accurately judge the situation, please add as much information as possible (including screenshots).

If you find another manager harassing or bullying you online, please contact our Support Team directly at en.support@onlinesoccermanager.com. You can also address inappropriate manager names or league names there. Thanks in advance!

What can I do if I disagree with the verdict?

When you receive the verdict of your report, you can always appeal by replying to the email with the verdict.

How is it possible my opponent has such a strong Squad?

OSM is all about bolstering your Squad and beating your opponents. This can be done by selling players, buying players, training players, playing Friendlies and active management in general. Every manager can use Boss Coins to speed up this process, either paid for or received freely through daily rewards, Business Club offers, Achievements & Division climbing.

If you really think something’s fishy, please help us by reporting the respective manager through the Report cheater functionality.